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We believe that experience is honed by hands-on success. 

Thomas L. Myette Jr. 

20 Years in executive and project management for a $200 Billion investment manager Mr. Myette acted on behalf of Investment Traders and Chief Administrative Officers to design, build, buy, and install software to solve problems from compliance and modeling through to tax accounting and commission reporting.  In that role he managed multiple concurrent projects each with teams of up to 100 employees and budgets to $2mm.


Subsequent to this Mr. Myette assumed responsibility as President for a $5mm & 4000 Customer Energy Distribution company - restoring profitability while introducing alternative energy solutions to the product mix.  

Mr. Myette is a graduate of Colby College in Maine and Pomona College in California with a degree in Economics and Government.


He lives in Maine.   

Peter Dragone
Chief Financial Officer

Peter Dragone, CFO, has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.  He was a co-founder of Keurig, speaks Spanish fluently, and is a graduate of Colby College and Harvard Business School.  

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