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Business Analysis
How many times have you been on the receiving end of bad service?  Sometimes that's a result of bad training, and sometimes technology - Most times it's just bad process.  We believe that solving the right problem is as important as actually doing the solving.  Absent that, technolgy can just make the bad process fail faster.  Though we talk in the language of technology - we build your business rules from the ground up - starting with the data, next information, user interface and a series of technical performance metrics. Not only does this approach insure a better outcome - it often is cheaper and faster than automating mistakes. 
Think globally


Not every solution has to be invented.  The best creations are often not original conception - but adaptation.  Many exist just outside your sphere of reference.   Why reinvent from the bottom up when you can save your energy - and cost - for the important components that make you unique?  With our diverse experience - and broadminded thinking we will not waste your time inventing the tracks when we want to build a better train.  

best execution


Once you've designed what you want we become possessed by action. We believe a good day is when something concrete is created - even if not perfect - since it's a lot easier to revise than it is to invent.  Good authors know this.  Good entrepreneurs too.  Why not your Application designers? And what better way to confirm direction than actual working examples?  This just makes sense.  

Contacts and cavalry.

Though we'd love to try (on our own time) to solve any problem, sometimes it's not to your advantage for us to work outside of our production practice.  We know when, and whom to call in for those services.  

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