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Business solutions in the right order: Process before software. 

We are a boutique business analysis and software developer  that solves the business problem in the correct order. We believe our method is the only way to guarantee success - no matter how fast your system works nor how beautiful your screens.  


These solutions not only perform better, but they are cheaper to maintain, and require less revision, than their technology driven counterparts.  


Understanding what needs to be solved is as important as solving the problem well.  Find out how we do that - so you don't spend a lot of money solving the wrong problem. 

Our Solutions

Invention is both a commodity and a creative pursuit - the latter being more expensive.  We innovate the innovation to make sure we spend your time to your advantage - not ours. 

Our Team

We have a broad range of training and experience as diverse as the problems we solve.  And a history of success in spite of a variety of problems thrown at us.  

We've seen it all. 

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